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SUP Formula – A microblading pigments with a 100% of positive features

A year and half ago we had to make a decision on the type of microblading pigments we were going to use. We had two roads ahead of us – iron oxide and synthetic microblading pigments. Both had positive and negative sides. Due to its stabile and strong red, iron oxide provided exceptionally warm tones. However, this advantage turned into a disadvantage after a year, because the eyebrows would turn red. A positive feature of iron oxide microblading pigments is their weight that enables easy application into the skin. This was not the case with synthetic microblading pigments that were very difficult for application. Black iron oxide also has some magnetic features and that is a characteristic that I did not want my microblading pigments to have.
What has made synthetic microblading pigments favourable over iron oxide ones is that it is impossible to control the presence of heavy metals and to keep them below the permissible limit in all shades (especially darker ones) in iron oxide pigments.

Synthetic microblading pigments can never become red, due to their stabile black, but this advantage is also a disadvantage because the colour gets a very cod tone after a few months.

All in all, they both have positive and negative features.

Our answer today is the SUP fusion. Getting together all the positive features of both types of microblading pigments and restricting the negative ones.

All pigments that a professional needs :

– Sunset
– Warm Effect
– Arabian Night

This video shows a brief instruction on mixing and choosing pigments.

– Differences of synthetic and organic pigments
– How to use sunset, warm and arabian night to get all different shades of Brown.
– Which color should be used on old faded pmu!
– How stays the pigment on different skin type
– What is actually SUP formula
– Why we choose color by looking the natural hair of client

Today we present the microblading pigments with the following characteristics:

– all stabile colours
– warm shades
– no illegal quantities of heavy metals (guaranteed)
– extremely easy to apply
– no reactions with magnets
– no shaking before use
– no oil separation
– hydrophobic pigments
– honey effect

Very important information. SUP pigments are much lighter than SU pigments and it is necessary to make only few passes over a stroke to input the colour. Since the pigment is highly saturated, it should not be over applied in order to avoid getting a very dark colour in the skin.

I owe special thanks to a team of professors from the Chemical faculty and authors of the book Industrial organic pigments Willy Herbst & Klaus Hunger, as well as Von Berg Pharm company that has put up with me during the past year.

I am extremely proud to present our biggest and most expensive project so far. We give you the SUP formula, a microblading pigment with a 100% of positive features!

New Pigment Line SUP is available  in PhiShop –– Official Webshop by Branko Babic.


  • Kate

    Is the SUP formula good for shading brows or just microblading hair strokes?

    • PhiAcademy Administrator

      Dear, @disqus_t73rYdxC5Q:disqus

      please contact for all details about pigments.

      Best regrads,
      Phi Academy team

  • Christina Mysan Broman

    Have the bottle sterile labeling? And I could not find a table of contents.

    • PhiAcademy Administrator


      please contact for all details about pigments.

      Best regrads,
      Phi Academy team

  • Hector Lopez

    Dear sirs, customs in my country are requesting the: “Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a document that contains information on the potential hazards (health, fire, reactivity and environmental) and how to work safely with the chemical product. It is an essential starting point for the development of a complete health and safety program.” In order to import these pigments, could you please send it to me… best, Hector

    • PhiAcademy Administrator

      Hello dear @disqus_o7a0t6dMgc:disqus

      please contact for more details about pigments.

      Best regards,
      PhiAcademy team