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June 2017

Simplicity artist and master

In September 2017 PhiAcademy is going to start selling two new PMU & Microneedling machines These are: simplicity artist and simplicity master Simplicity artist is a machine with basic performances which makes it an ultra cheap machine and a good solution for beginners who are still not ready to invest a lot in PMU Base


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"As our programs grow and evolve, we are proud to present the combination of techniques we have been working hard on during the past year. UniPHIcation is our hope to expand and offer further courses to develop our current students and external students alike. This year on Masterclass we will be presenting a unique experience,

May 2017


Wholesale partners is a new PhiAcademy project that represents a sales network intended for salons' end users. The collection will contain products for personal care, make up, different supplements and anti-aging products. All products will result from detailed research and analysis by PhiAcademy's team of doctors and ultimate experts. As always, expect a lot of


Optimally balanced combination of UVA and UVB filters provides tattooed, microbladed and skin after PMU treatment with exceptionally high protection from harmful effects of sun rays. It preserves tattoo colour intensity and reduces the risk of allergies and irritations. It nourishes the skin intensely, provides it with exceptional moisture and softness and prevents skin

Phi Septo

PHI SEPTO is a universal multifunctional spray for efficient cleaning and maintenance of cosmetic tools and equipment in salons where PhiBrows, PhiLings, PhiNesse, PhiContour and PhiLashes treatments are done. Mild, ecological agent with biodegradable active components and basil extract that acts fast and has long-lasting effects. Use: Spray PHI SEPTO and use paper towel

PhiLings treatment – Masterclass 2017!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Students and Students to be, It will be a great privilege presenting you the PhiLings treatment on a model, answering your questions, resolving your doubts, sharing with you "tips and tricks" to premium results and of course introduce you to the latest trends and achievements in the field of microneedling and plasma

April 2017

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