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As the word speaks for itself, manual shading technique is a method which does not include work with machine but the manual one, using the special tool designed for that purpose.
This method is specially intended for people who have been losing eyebrows and hair due to an illness (mostly cancer and alopecia) as well as for those who  have destroyed the natural hair roots by plucking the eyebrows.

Are you losing eyebrows?

Microshading is done by first doing the microblading with bigger space between the hairs. It will visually help us create the natural hair look, and smooth shading that goes over spin and between the hairs will visually give us the dimension, i.e the natural eyebrow thickness.
It is essential to emphasize that this method is done in the same skin layer as microblading. Because of the significant colour concentration, this method provides us results visible up to 18 months.

Our manual shading courses were created to share our knowledge and experience with you. They are open for everyone from all over the world ! It’s not a must to be a PhiBrows student, all you need is a positive mindset and a wish to keep on learning. We expect you to be a part of our successful story !
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