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PhiFusion – 3D eyebrows

our goal is to create an eyebrow which looks more 3 Dimensional (3D eyebrows). PhiFusion is a technique, where you combine 2 skills, microblading and shading with the machine. Clients with very little hair, or no hair at all, often demand a little more than microblading alone.  In order to achieve that, we need to place our shades (shadows) according to the rules of light and shadow.

When we follow these rules, it gives the eyebrows more depth and it looks more natural than microblading on its own.The machine helps us achieve the perfect shade and fading we need to achieve our goal. We will focus on different shading techniques, speed, depth, needle formations and correct placement of our shadows, all in order to give our clients as hyper realistic result as possible and, of course, perfect eyebrows.

This course can be taken as an online seminar and a live seminar. To participate, you must be certified Phibrows Artist.



3D eyebrows - phifusion phiacademy